Power of Government Through Words & Policy

Power of Government Through Words & Policy


Welcome to the ELP.net project.

For my ongoing Mexico Studies project and my blog posts, it is often necessary for me to define specific government policies and doctrines for my readers to understand the context of the topic I am discussing. Government doctrine and policy usually falls outside of purview of my projects but, nonetheless, I need to refer readers to more information about them. To do so, I created this archive where readers can get more information about a specific doctrine or policy.

I have been sitting on the domain name ELP.net for many years hoping to launch a project that has been elusive. Rather than leave the domain sitting, I decided to use it as an archive of international and geopolitical doctrine and policy.

To make it relevant, I needed to play some word gymnastics using the initials, E-L-P.

After much trial and error using different languages, I finally settled on Greek, as it is considered the starting point of politics. I realize that the words, EXOUSIA - LOGOCRACY - POLITIKI, probably mean nothing together and are likely grammatically incorrect, but nonetheless I took license to use them, or misuse them, depending on your point of view for this project.

Thus, EXOUSIA - LOGOCRACY – POLITIKI, the Power of Government Through Words & Policy was born.